Footlogix Pediceuticles

Professional footcare products from Footlogix are available at J'adore Nails. Some products include the Cracked Heel Formula and Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture. For more details about these products, please visit


footlogix cracked heel    footlogix tincture


Seacret Skin Care Products

J'adore Nails Salon & Spa has just introduced SEACRET Skin Care Products that are derived from quality minerals from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, an ancient salt water lake with highly concentrated source of minerals and salt, located in Isreal has attracted many travelers around the world for the effects it seems to have on the skin. Dead Sea cosmetics are a natural extension of this world-wide popularity, effectively bringing the minerals, salts, and mud of the Dead Sea directly to the consumer.

These products are available for purchase online. Order SEACRET products ONLINE HERE. You will be amazed at the results and difference these quality skin care products make your skin look and feel.

seacret product